Clean Cuts Barber Shop

 (not Clean Cuts, just a cool barbershop photo)

I found a new hair cut place, Clean Cuts Barber Shop.  It's a Black barbershop, just like the ones the barbershop movies are based on.  It's just a couple blocks down the street from me and while I like my Korean barbers at Cutaway, I know the barber at Clean Cuts, Shamelle, wife of a high school classmate of mine.

Anyway, she did a nice job with the hair cut (though the haircut is a little '80s) plus it really is a whole different experience getting your hair done at a Black barbershop.  People are coming in talking about where they traveled to, a teenager comes in he was the prom king and was supposed to bring a photo of himself.  I'm chatting away talking about her husband, kids, ranting about housing prices, reminiscing about the prom.  It was pretty cool, you just don't get this at the Supercuts.

I've been told that I have a "Ghetto Free Pass card" which I guess means I'm allowed to hang out with Black people.  I'm not sure how I "earned" it.  I thought that was kinda funny.  Quite a different experience from the Asian dude that hates black people no?

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