Refreshing the Thunderbird Icon


But what about Thunderbird icon? Will it be updated too? Please! :)

Short answer, yes.  You didn't even need to say "pretty please".

We're beginning the work to update the Thunderbird icon.  We really like how the Firefox icon turned out, and we'll be working with the folks at Icon Factory so we can be consistent.

I've been impressed with how Alex Faaborg has led the charge with the Firefox Icon refresh, his vision, and his ability to communicate and work with everybody.  We're working with Alex as well, he's got a great eye, and we're lucky.

The Process

As I understand, it's going to be fast and furious in terms of the design and feedback loop the next couple weeks.  I'll be posting a final creative brief before we get started, and happy to take feedback on it now.  I'll be posting the iterations and calling for feedback as soon as I get them.

It would be great if all feedback can be done as comments to these blog posts as opposed to direct emails to me.

smartphones, etc.

Palm Pre looks pretty good, probably will wait for the next version though.  Even with the iPhone 3GS, it's probably the right upgrade path from a Treo.  A lower price/plan, better battery life would have knocked the Palm Pre out of the ballpark, but still good.  Walt Mossberg's review

Other stuff I've been playing around with:

  • an unlocked G1 phone (w/ Android 1.5, fun to play with)
  • mobile wireless via Sprint (though heard AT&T's was 3x faster)

I check out the Netbooks every once in a while and I like the Dell Minis but there's so many out there now.  It's an interesting (and confusing) product segmentation — second laptop, ultralight for business travelers, kids.