our charities

List of our charities for my reference, e.g. taxes and for next year. (note for your reference, we only give $25 – $200+ for each of these organizations which really isn't enough.)

Saturday's Bike Ride…

I'm in week 5 or 6 (it's been a tad busy at work) of Ironman 3.0. I started at 7am and went over into Orinda via Claremont ave again to do the 3 Bears route a few times. It was pretty challenging got done around 11:30am. The views are just great.

I got some new equipment for this ride. A Fizik Arione bike seat, which I'm in the process of breaking in, is a nice bike seat because it's longer than usual. It also has these little break points that's supposed to help to make it more comfortable.

I also got some new shoes, Sidi Genius 5.5s. They have a carbon sole and they felt pretty good. You want bike shoes that are pretty stiff, especially if you're a big guy, because it makes each pedal stroke more efficient – no wasted energy.

I'm still not in the shape I want to be in for the bike or for Ironman in general. I need to stretch more, lose some more weight, and really be smart about what I eat. Anyway…