appliance hierarchy – washlets

When outfitting a house, there's definitely an appliance hierarchy – #1 refrigerator; #2 range or stovetop/wall oven solution; #3 washer/dryer; #4 dishwasher. And that's it.

For small appliances, you're looking at a microwave, maybe a toaster oven, and a blender. I'm suggesting that a washlet should be your #3 major appliance ahead of a washer and dryer.

I wanted a washlet years ago after trying to use one in Tokyo, there's a bit of a learning curve so I somewhat dismissed it back then. For awhile, we weren't allowed to have nice things but recently I was able to use another washlet in a hotel in Suwon-si from Novita (South Korean brand). And I was reminded again how much we were living in the Stone Ages here in the United States.

So I went and bought a Toto washlet and installed it (was very easy to do). This Toto washlet has a remote control, an automatic open and close toilet seat cover and seat, front and back wash with varying degrees of spray control, a booty dryer, a deodorizer, a night light, and a heated seat. All very sanitary and Apple engineers would be proud (in fact you should get a washlet instead of upgrading your iPhone).

The other reason I was compelled to get one was because another house in the neighborhood sold for $1MM dollars. It's a very nice and simple house but not exactly a mansion or beach front property and *NO* washlet. I'm embarrassed to think our house is worth $1MM. But if you walk into our bathroom and enjoy the Toto washlet, you will walk out feeling like a million bucks. Guaranteed.

Anyway, I recommend these ones: Novita BN-330 or any of the Toto branded ones.