short update

I've been experimenting with different communication tools lately: Facebook, Twitter, text, Google Voice, Skype, email, etc, and blog posts have been few and far between —  mostly due to writer's block, a bit of posting and un-posting, and uncertainty as to who's actually reading what I write.

It's obvious the majority of my friends aren't reading my blog posts but I can probably do a better job of linking Facebook and Twitter to this blog.

Anyhow, short update:

  • We're on version 3.1.4 for Thunderbird, working on Thunderbird 3.2 due out later this year;
  • Working through updating Mozilla Messaging to coincide with updates;
  • Wrapped up Ironman Canada in August (and Ironman St George last May), signed up for Ironman St George for next year;
  • Starting up trail running and doing a lot of it in the East Bay hills, which is neat, this is in place of road running which is super high impact;
  • Might be re-upping to be an Executive Board Member for Alameda Council, BSA;
  • Doing some more Boy Scout related stuff this year mainly driving and camp outs (local program is good, National politics not so good);
  • We have a 10 year wedding anniversary trip in November to Turks and Caicos;
  • Starting to plan for snowboarding outings, hopefully will be another good snow year;
  • and then we're in 2011.  That was quick.

I'll post some race reports and photos soon from Canada, and a few things I've stumbled upon and like.  Turns out at the age of 34 and male and married, I'm in the very desirable target market for a lot of companies and I'm obviously observant of the advertising being thrown at me/us.  Some of the marketing does make it through unfortunately.

The other next up is figuring out how to integrate blog, Twitter, Facebook, email a little better.  It's not as cohesive as I'd like.