writing the next chapter

How we got from zero to tens of millions of users for Firefox is through having a great product and telling a great story that had lots and lots of sub-plots. We took photographs, talked to people, had everyone pass on those stories, and let people become part of the story too. We didn't do any marketing — we just had good stories to share.

What stories do we want to tell about Firefox/Mozilla this year? How about:

  • How we will come together to build Firefox 2.0, our next generation browser
  • How we'll bring the world even closer with making Firefox available to more countries/languages, to even more people – in China, Japan, India, Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Iraq, etc.
  • How we'll continue to drive cool new Web 2.0 companies build next generation Web applications
  • How we collaborate on such a complex product. We're shipping software not just talking about it. And shipping software is hard.

The Firefox versus IE 7 is a bad story, we shouldn't be part of that story at all. Doing so will take us away from telling other stories…like the time we were wrapping up localization for Firefox 1.5 for the China release. We were scrambling to get something translated, trying to find our contact in China and he was no where to be found. At the last minute, he popped up, translated the text for us and explained that he was away because his was wife had just "borned" a baby. There's always difficulty in coordinating with China because of the time difference nevermind that the localization effort there is volunteer-based. There was such a time crunch, we were scrambling, and as soon as we heard what was going on, well clearly what our volunteer in China was doing was more important.

Anyway, there are more stories to tell. Perhaps a story on our localization team in China, what got them started, what their motivations are, and what the Internet climate is in China or in another part of the world where we have localization teams.

training update

What a difference a week makes. Last weekend, I couldn't finish my Saturday bike ride, only 35-40 minutes, and on Sunday, I stopped short of finishing my swim and walked a majority of a 6 mile run (I was hurting after a mile). I think it was mostly mental but my shins were still bothering me.

This week, I got all my workouts in except for one. On Saturday, I ran from my house to my parents ~ 8-9 miles, and stopped only once to stretch out my shins which still hurts. On Sunday, we did a "double brick" or an 80 minute spin workout, a 40 minute run, a 29 mile bike ride, and then a 40 minute run (that last one, I only did 15 minutes and ran/walk another 15).

It's still only February, so I've got another 6 months to go before my race. Things are looking a little better, and it's coming back to me now.

crocs footwear


This is my second or third post on footwear. I only own a few pairs of shoes, that's why I guess I talk about the one's I do have. Anyway, I talked about Keen sandals the last time, and they're great, I wear them just about every day.

It was at Ironman Canada though where we ran into the Men's winner, Chris Lieto at the airport that I saw these sandals. He was wearing these Crocs (picture in the photo isn't me) in a bright yellow. They looked really funky, and I thought they were like some special Ironman secret.

Anyhow, I saw these sandals at a store and I think I'm going to grab a pair. They're very chic looking and I saw another person wearing them today during lunch. They're not going to be for everyday wear. Just for wearing after working out and for going to the beach.

Firefox gets straight A's from Yahoo

Essentially, Yahoo! has published their browser matrix. In laymen's terms, if you're using Firefox 1.5 on Yahoo!, regardless of OS platform, you're getting what they're classifying as an A-Grade experience.

That's great!

Since we're talking grades…K's nephew Gary, who we're putting through school, has also gotten straight A's at his school this last semester. We're very proud of him.

Back to Yahoo! though.  In addition to releasing a browser matrix, they've also released a User Interface (UI) library and User Experience (UE) best practices. This is some good stuff, and about time.  I know some of the folks who worked on this stuff at Netscape and this is some good advice.

crowbar story and a mashup idea

I wrote a while back that I told the whole world we were on vacation and no one stole anything while we were away. Probably not a good idea to blog you're going away on vacation. Anyhow, turns out there are "professional" burglars in our neighborhood. (how does one become a professional burglar?).

From a neighbor:

This evening about 7:30 while we where home, our home was burglarized. Someone came in our back kitchen door, moved through the house and took our wallets and a camera. We were upstairs during the short period that this happened. We nor our dog heard anything, no TV or music was playing. Seems to be the work of pros. Within 20 minutes one of credit cards was used at a 76 gas station.

The other evening, I went out for an hour run or so. I'm all energized afterwards and start doing chores. I go take out the garbage and as I go back inside I notice something on the ground. It's metal. Oh hey, it's a crowbar…in my backyard. The joys of living in the 'hood. It's good we have a security door and motion lights in the back. It's also good that we don't have much to steal. It's great that I didn't run into the owner of the crowbar either. I very much hope this person doesn't read my blog.

Mashup Idea

If you've read this far might as well listen to my mashup idea. I'd like to see a Google Maps or Yahoo maps that has crime overlays for burglaries, homicides, rapes, and assaults (other crimes?) by year. I'd like to see this done for all cities and then I'd like to be able to zoom out and be able to visually compare cities and countries.

Any takers? If you can show me this app at the MashupCamp conference, I'll get you something nice from the Mozilla Store.