training update

What a difference a week makes. Last weekend, I couldn't finish my Saturday bike ride, only 35-40 minutes, and on Sunday, I stopped short of finishing my swim and walked a majority of a 6 mile run (I was hurting after a mile). I think it was mostly mental but my shins were still bothering me.

This week, I got all my workouts in except for one. On Saturday, I ran from my house to my parents ~ 8-9 miles, and stopped only once to stretch out my shins which still hurts. On Sunday, we did a "double brick" or an 80 minute spin workout, a 40 minute run, a 29 mile bike ride, and then a 40 minute run (that last one, I only did 15 minutes and ran/walk another 15).

It's still only February, so I've got another 6 months to go before my race. Things are looking a little better, and it's coming back to me now.

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