take care of your belly and your back

I need to visit a few folks that I haven't seen in a while, Mrs. Orear an old grade school teacher who's teaching over at St. Isidore's now in Danville, Father Pat who's over at some church near me, and Mr. Anderson (Daddy-yo). I ran into Daddy-yo in January but didn't get to talk to him much. Hadn't been comfortable chatting with him since he had gotten me my first job out of college. I ended up not liking that job very much, left as soon as I could, and high-tailed it over to Netscape.

Daddy-yo was Troop 89's Scoutmaster. He's very old school, and is partly why I'm old school. He had one rule to live by that I still follow, take care of your belly and your back. That's it. Makes life easy when you break it down like that – meaning make sure you eat, and have clothes on your back/roof over your head.

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  1. rafael,

    what??? daddy-o hooked you up with a job? hell, us old timers had to go find our own jobs. LOL.


    nice computer photos with the airbrushing by poots.

  2. He hooked me up with his accounting firm, but it turned out I wasn't much of an accountant. Plus, the job I left accounting for was this start-up called Netscape and couldn't turn it down.

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