web site update

We're in the final design stages for the MozillaMessaging web site update.  We'd love some feedback on it.

Here are some more screen shots of the homepage:

The goals of the redesign are: 1) Get Thunderbird pages onto, download, marketing pages, etc.; 2)  MozillaMessaging should be distinct from but with a consistency to show that it's still all Mozilla;  3)  Design should reflect the Thunderbird product current and future, communication, concepts around email; 4)  Design should reflect our diversity and International community.

Note that future MozillaMessaging and marketing posts from me will be on when we launch in the next coming weeks.

Thunderbird t-shirts

I need some help with the Thunderbird t-shirt.  What's your preference for the background color?  We definitely need a black Thunderbird t-shirt.  I'm leaning towards the dark green and royal blue.

What do you think?  (also these aren't the actual t-shirts, the logo in front is just to see how the logo looks on the various color shirts)

paint job or gunshots

I can tell you about the gunshots we heard the other night, it was a car jacking on MLK.  But I'd rather show you that our North Oakland/Temescal neighborhood is truly getting better.  Above, was the worst house on the block (before pic: it was abandoned, burned out, windows boarded up) and now it's one of the better houses on the block.  All new everything — roof, interior, exterior, landscaping, garage, windows and it's 3 bedroom 2 bath.  This upgrade may have prompted the neighbors across the street to finally paint their house (a nice warm green).  The fixed window effect.  Even in this market, this house will fetch between $525k to $625k.

North Oakland is an historic neighborhood, it's where the Black Panthers were founded.  Our part of town was also upended for many years because of the MacArthur maze or the intersection of highway 24, 580, and 880.  So there's a ways to go to get the North Oakland/Temescal community of Oakland going again.

There's a lot of "urban infill" projects that are happening and it's great to see.  I'll take some pictures of Bushrod park and post them up too.

Also, the Oakland North blog and A Better Oakland blog trump the Oakland Tribune, and I care more about what V Smoothe has to say than Chip Johnson.  Seems like we're organizing ourselves online as well.

new MacBooks

The new MacBooks are gorgeous.  I have another year or two of useful life on my current MacBook and I normally wait until there's a new OS release to go with the hardware.  I'm waiting for the 512SSD too, where the 256SSD then become commodity and shipped as the default drive; maybe end of next year.

Regardless, anyone looking for a new computer, I'd go with the MacBook now (but if you can wait, I'd wait until after January, buy stuff from Apple *after* MacWorld).  For a PC, I'd go with the Dell XPS M1330.