Ironman Arizona wrap-up

Here's the wrap-up:

  • This was my fourth Ironman. Finished.  I was surprised at the end, because it felt easy and I crossed the finish line feeling unsatisfied.  Scary…
  • I finished in 14:39. IMAZ was my practice race for Ironman Canada 25th Anniversary so took it easy but there was a lot of things that went wrong.
  • Some of those things include forgetting my wetsuit, bad nutrition (consumed like 800+ calories on the bike in the first hour and a half I only consume 200 calories an hour). I almost threw up.
  • The wind was 30mph so 56 miles of 30mph winds was not fun.
  • I would not do Ironman Arizona again. The 3 loops on the bike course was boring and depressing. Plus it was like doing a 7 hour spin class the course was way too flat. Suffice to say, my balls hurt. Also, the water was dirty but the run was nice and the volunteers were great.
  • Staying at my friend's place in Scottsdale was great. High speed wireless and all.

That's about it. I was 1432 place. I was like 1755 on the swim and passed like 300 people on the bike and got passed by only 10 people on the run. That was kinda cool.

the star

There was a star that night
did you see it, the brightest one
in the sky.

It sparkles only in the Summer sky
and as I looked I wondered
if you saw it too.

Did you hear the song from the songbird
that night. Did the wind carry it to you,
or my whisper
a crazy man talking to himself
no you heard me twenty miles away.
You felt me shiver and you wanted to keep
me warm.

How many more Summer nights must we spend
apart, how many more will we see
with a million stars dancing away
too hot for blankets, just a sheet will do.

Still Life

Still Life

I paint your smile
on a canvas that forgets
that you are not mine
and I cannot have you.

My dear cherry blossom
the earth shifts you
closer to the sun
and bees wait
for your command.

Each passing day,
I see you resting on the sand
I shall not wake you
Let the waves crash upon the shore
and the water tickle your feet.
The ocean loves you
embracing your hands
fullness of breath
there is no one else here.

The Heard Museum

I popped over to the Heard Museum today. It's a museum with Native American art and exhibits focusing mostly on the SouthWest. I've been meaning to go here and actually come down here during the World Hoop Dancing championships in February. And while it would be cool to compete, you have to be Native American to do it (no matter how good you can dance).

My little secret about doing Ironman races is to actually get into dance shape so that one day, once I have all my beadwork, featherwork, and dance clothes all ready, I can take a year off, strut my stuff, pop over to all the big Pow Wows like Denver March, Stanford, Gathering of Nations, Red Earth, United Tribes, and finish off at Schemitzun. It's looking like that's not going to happen until I'm 35 but probably 40 or 50 at this rate with work. Just one year, dance my heart out, and have everyone who was there wonder "who was that…" or "remember that dancer…". Dreams are neat to hold on to and the Heard Museum was pretty cool.

UC Berkeley Pow Wow

UC Berkeley Pow Wow is this weekend, April 7 – 8 from 11am to 7pm. I'm guessing Grand Entry is at Noon or 1pm. Going to swing by for an hour or so, grab some fry bread and bounce. Should be fun. Grand entry video from last year's pow wow.



One day, there will be more somedays.
The somedays when the sun kisses your skin
the cherry blossoms shade your path
and all the world hears my heart beat
with the anticipation of Spring.

The somedays when the bronze lion and heroes glisten
flowers even those that don't usually bloom greet us
in orange and violet and red and pink and blue
a park bench in the middle of the world and an embrace
of rough hands strolling through a park.

The somedays with the blackest coffee or one spiked
with chocolates and almonds,
just enough dessert where old photos smile at us
the right amount of smiles and the right amount of laughter.

The somedays when the stories unfold of fathers and mothers,
how bees carry honey and the burdens of butterflies
whose song fades in the air where we both hear that
one day, there will be more somedays.