The Heard Museum

I popped over to the Heard Museum today. It's a museum with Native American art and exhibits focusing mostly on the SouthWest. I've been meaning to go here and actually come down here during the World Hoop Dancing championships in February. And while it would be cool to compete, you have to be Native American to do it (no matter how good you can dance).

My little secret about doing Ironman races is to actually get into dance shape so that one day, once I have all my beadwork, featherwork, and dance clothes all ready, I can take a year off, strut my stuff, pop over to all the big Pow Wows like Denver March, Stanford, Gathering of Nations, Red Earth, United Tribes, and finish off at Schemitzun. It's looking like that's not going to happen until I'm 35 but probably 40 or 50 at this rate with work. Just one year, dance my heart out, and have everyone who was there wonder "who was that…" or "remember that dancer…". Dreams are neat to hold on to and the Heard Museum was pretty cool.

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