basic workout and gear

I simplified my workout goals to run 4 miles every day in June, 5 miles every day in July, and 6 miles every day in August/Sept/October and then play it by ear in November/December. Rest days will generally be Mondays with some ad hoc rest days depending how I feel.

Gear wise, the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% are pretty amazing shoes. I used to just run in Asics either Nimbulus or Cumulus but these Vaporflys feel way better. They have carbon soles and some nice cushioning so my body doesn't feel wrecked after my runs.

I'm usually pretty skeptical about heavily marketed gear/features but I do notice a difference. I can see how carbon fiber soles can both absorb the force of my running and spring me forward. Carbon fiber in road bikes and rims definitely absorb choppy roads so it makes sense it would do the same in shoes. The stiffness of a carbon bike makes it nice to be able to push off as well.

The other item that's helping me run and recover quicker is this Hypervolt Plus massage gun. I was skeptical about this too but Hypervolt was endorsed by Kobe Bryant and I did see Lebron use one of these massage guns on the court the other day. I remember seeing Allen Iversion use the stick on his calves and quads during a game so it's cool to see athletes use the same type of recovery tools that are generally accessible in the market. Recovery is a big deal if I want to actually run every day.

Considering it's just shoes and a massage gun and not like a bike, bike parts/maintenance, swimming membership (for pool access), gym membership, seems like I should be saving some money too.

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