q2 '09 – general update


  • still on track for a bathroom remodel this Summer, uncertain on the details
  • no matter how we calculate solar panels, it makes no sense for us so evaluating led lights, attic insulation, solar attic fan
  • Rikyu updated their menu — it's our go to restaurant, *great* food
  • When it's out, will probably go with the Palm Pre to replace  a 2+ year old Treo for the boss lady (I still think *smart* phones are gadget overboard)
  • Couple of interesting pop culture links: Susan Boyle and YouTube symphony



  • nothing planned yet for fun or for work, maybe a weekend side trip


  • landscaping project at Santa Fe elementary school



  • finally starting marathon training for SF marathon in July
  • planning to struggle through the Marin Century in August
  • Berkeley pow wow May 2
  • Stanford pow wow 8 – 10

bed linens, etc

At some point got caught up with finding nice bed linens.  Eventually settled on the following:

  • Thomas Lee sheet and pillow set — a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillow cases.  They're 500 thread count cotton sheets which seems fine to me, neither arbitrarily too high or too low.  In any case, sheets are comfortable and reasonably priced.
  • Libeco Belgian linens — have a couple pillow cases and I like their linen sheets
  • Rough Linen — haven't gotten anything from here but local company and I like the simplicity of their products
  • Pacific Coast pillows and comforters — very comfortable, got the firm and 'luxury' down pillow

If you're going to spend 6 – 8 hours a night on your bed, might as well make it comfortable.  We're still sleeping on a $200 Serta mattress from 1999, it's still very comfortable — so it's not all about getting the most expensive, just what's comfortable.