q2 '09 – general update


  • still on track for a bathroom remodel this Summer, uncertain on the details
  • no matter how we calculate solar panels, it makes no sense for us so evaluating led lights, attic insulation, solar attic fan
  • Rikyu updated their menu — it's our go to restaurant, *great* food
  • When it's out, will probably go with the Palm Pre to replaceĀ  a 2+ year old Treo for the boss lady (I still think *smart* phones are gadget overboard)
  • Couple of interesting pop culture links: Susan Boyle and YouTube symphony



  • nothing planned yet for fun or for work, maybe a weekend side trip


  • landscaping project at Santa Fe elementary school



  • finally starting marathon training for SF marathon in July
  • planning to struggle through the Marin Century in August
  • Berkeley pow wow May 2
  • Stanford pow wow 8 – 10

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