Ironman Arizona wrap-up

Here's the wrap-up:

  • This was my fourth Ironman. Finished.  I was surprised at the end, because it felt easy and I crossed the finish line feeling unsatisfied.  Scary…
  • I finished in 14:39. IMAZ was my practice race for Ironman Canada 25th Anniversary so took it easy but there was a lot of things that went wrong.
  • Some of those things include forgetting my wetsuit, bad nutrition (consumed like 800+ calories on the bike in the first hour and a half I only consume 200 calories an hour). I almost threw up.
  • The wind was 30mph so 56 miles of 30mph winds was not fun.
  • I would not do Ironman Arizona again. The 3 loops on the bike course was boring and depressing. Plus it was like doing a 7 hour spin class the course was way too flat. Suffice to say, my balls hurt. Also, the water was dirty but the run was nice and the volunteers were great.
  • Staying at my friend's place in Scottsdale was great. High speed wireless and all.

That's about it. I was 1432 place. I was like 1755 on the swim and passed like 300 people on the bike and got passed by only 10 people on the run. That was kinda cool.

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