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I'm kinda sick of restaurant food. I've been going out a bit lately and here's what I don't like:

  • there are *no*, *none*, *zero* healthy, cheap, everyday type restaurants — a place where you could eat everyday and feel good about it, e.g. a healthy $5 – $7 meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • food portions are huge, I'm now just getting maybe two appetizers and sharing dessert versus getting an entree, it's no wonder as Americans we are so overweight;
  • the prices in general are whack, way overpriced! Across the board.
  • the food is more or less the same (across genres), not very creative menus, nothing is wowing me lately (and I've been going to good places);
  • Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese places cater to an American palate so the food is not necessarily "authentic". Sure different ingredients here but I hate it when it's dumbed down.

It's not that I can do better, I can't. But at home at least I can control portion size, the quality of the ingredients, cooking some things correctly (salmon or any fish overcooked at a restaurant sucks!), and price to an extent.

To me the only good thing about going out to a restaurant these days is that I don't have to worry about washing dishes and putting them away. And that's about it.

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  1. This is a deep and profound problem that goes all the way back to corporate/mass-market agriculture, agriculture subsidies, etc.

    Healthy is not cheap, in America. You have to pay lots of money for healthy food, fresh food, vs. food that is not good for you- that's cheap.

    It's easy to blame big corporations, but they're merely providing what we want. People want cheap food. They want food that tastes good. Healthy is far down on the list of what we, as an entire nation, want.

  2. We should blame corporations, food marketing, and ourselves.

    Alice Waters is trying to start a slow food revolution here. Supposedly our next food revolution is undoing everything that's been done the last 50-75 years and going back to good, basic, healthy food.

    Japan and France/Europe have us beat in terms of quality and just overall respect and attitude for food. In some sense, the US is feeding the world. Just not in a very healthy way.

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