restaurant food

I'm kinda sick of restaurant food. I've been going out a bit lately and here's what I don't like:

  • there are *no*, *none*, *zero* healthy, cheap, everyday type restaurants — a place where you could eat everyday and feel good about it, e.g. a healthy $5 – $7 meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • food portions are huge, I'm now just getting maybe two appetizers and sharing dessert versus getting an entree, it's no wonder as Americans we are so overweight;
  • the prices in general are whack, way overpriced! Across the board.
  • the food is more or less the same (across genres), not very creative menus, nothing is wowing me lately (and I've been going to good places);
  • Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese places cater to an American palate so the food is not necessarily "authentic". Sure different ingredients here but I hate it when it's dumbed down.

It's not that I can do better, I can't. But at home at least I can control portion size, the quality of the ingredients, cooking some things correctly (salmon or any fish overcooked at a restaurant sucks!), and price to an extent.

To me the only good thing about going out to a restaurant these days is that I don't have to worry about washing dishes and putting them away. And that's about it.

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