browser garage logo

We've got a logo. Thanks to the incomparable graphicsguru.

The name browser garage is a company/working name as in browser garage LLC, but possibly will turn into a project/.org name or maybe it sticks for the long haul. It comes from the two things that have made the Web tick, the Web browser and "garage"-type innovation. The name also is a nod to a company Netscape acquired, Web Site Garage who I sat next to at Netscape. It's also a nod to Marcia's Firefox and Thunderbird Garage book, Guy's, the famous HP Garage, West Coast Customs (Pimp My Ride), and my Dad's garage which is just full of stuff.

The logo is a garage, of course, and sticking out is a little Mozilla tail. browser garage will only be working on Mozilla technology so nothing for Internet Explorer, sorry. We're like an automotive garage that only wants to work on custom and exotic cars versus fixing up beat up Hondas.

We do have a web site, and we're working on making that pretty. We also have a blog set up there. Pretty takes time.

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