"content parts" of a web browser


I don't know if "content parts" is right but wanted to identify what a web browser (or Firefox) handles. Each "part" is distinct and they're all slightly handled differently in Firefox. There's opportunity to unify how the different parts are handled or managed, and opportunity to specialize? (optimize) the different parts to take full advantage of why they're different in the first place.


Web Content
Description: html, rss, images

Web Applications
authentication, account, storage of data,

Examples: E*Trade, Google Calendar, Yahoo!Mail, SmugMug, WordPress

Plug-ins (and Helper Applications)
Description: images, video, sounds, other document formats

Plug-in is "in browser" interaction. Helper application is "outside browser" interaction.

Handled by blah, blah

Examples: Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Acrobat, Java Plug-in, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, Apple QuickTime


Handled by Add-ons Manager


Opportunities to Unify

Opportunities to Optimize

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