status update 7/21

My last update was on 6/16. Since then, I've done the following:

  • Getting back into "work mode". I've ordered a Mac Book, went to Apple HQ in Cupertino to have lunch w/ a friend and he scored me his 15% employee discount. Nice! My other buddy let me use his discount for our 23" Apple Display and Mac Mini. I have an IBM Thinkpad X31 too and I'm going to use it now mostly for testing purposes. The X31 was starting to give me carpal tunnel because the keyboard is really tight.
  • I went to Disneyland. Attended a wedding in Sausalito, a wedding barbecue in Tilden Park, several barbecues for 4th of July. Went to an A's vs. Giants game.
  • I've been training a bunch e.g. today a 6 mile run in the morning and 3600+ yards of swimming in the afternoon. I have 20 mile run on Sunday and I've been averaging over 100+ miles a week on the bike. I think last week we did an 80 mile bike ride followed by a 10 mile run. That was fun and fairly silly.
  • Gave an interview to the Mozilla Memory Bank project.

What's on tap:

  • I'm starting to snoop around Mozilla land again and looking to start contributing. Firefox 3.0 planning is underway and it looks like Firefox 2.0 is slated to launch late September. Nice. I like the Mozilla Developer Calendar too which is accessible via Google Calendar.
  • I have a trip scheduled for Canada for Ironman Canada, London right afterwards for a week, and also a 13 day trip to Maui for one last hurrah.

Still need to:

  • Finish up house projects. Get landscaping started, stain fence.
  • I need to wrap up fundraising for IronTeam this season. I'm about $400 short, raised $4,100. I'll see if I can finagle the blogosphere to help out.

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