status since leaving

It's been a month since I left MozCorp and so far was able to do the following:

  • vacation for a week in Hawaii
  • weekend training trips to Clear Lake and Lake Berryessa, trained a bunch
  • get out to the Berkeley's farmer's market during the week
  • catch up w/ a few folks for lunch (jen, john, jag)
  • caught an Oakland A's game sect 112, row 6!, 1st base line (Joe Blanton pitched 5 hit shut out)
  • "supervised" the contractors who rebuilt our front porch, added a gate, extended the back fence, cleaned up the house/garage
  • painted master bedroom, hung and frame wall pictures/posters
  • shaved my legs
  • voted

I still need to:

  • pull up the weeds, prep land for landscaping
  • stain/seal the back porch and fence
  • catch up w/ more folks
  • Disneyland trip, London trip
  • clean up this blog, maybe update the design, post some more content like recipes, other stuff
  • train even more

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