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This is the plant list of what we're supposed to have in our front/side/backyard. I have it here for reference to print out when we get out to East Bay nursery to grab 'em and for me to reference them again when we have to actually take care of these plants.

On paper, the plant list looks pretty good.

Botanical Name
Common Name
2 Rhododendron10 x $45 – $50 (?) Rhododendron
3 Anigozanthos2 x $13 Kangaroo Paw
4 Agapanthus "Tinker Bell"33 x $8 – $10 Lily of the Nile
5 Calibrachoa4 x $8 Million Bells
6 Eigeron
karvinskianus1 x ?
Santa Barbara Daisy
7 Cornus florida "Cherokee Princess"2 x $150 Flowering Dogwood
8 Herbs Herbs
9 Citrus "Improved Meyer"1 x $35 Improved Meyer Lemon
10 Sarcococca ruscifolia3 x $13 Sweet Box
11 Pittosporum "Silver Sheen"10 x $29 (?) Pittosporum
12 Camellia japonica "Debutante"8 x ? Camellia
13 Geranium incanum "Philippe Vapelle"21 x $10 Cranesbill
14 Lobelia tailing1 x ? Lobelia
15 Distictis buccinatoria6 x $40 Trumpet Vine
16 Galium odoratum5 x $5 Sweet Woodruff
17 Hydrangea "Endless Summer"4 x $13 – $35 Hydrangea
18 Acer palmatum "Bloodgood"1 x $400 Bloodgold Japanese Maple
20 Heuchera sanguinea3 x $11 Coral Bells
21 Astilbe arendsii "Amethyst"3 x $11 False Spiraea

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