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Some personal yes/no/maybe recommendations on Apple Products:

  • Apple iPhone 4 – Yes (our first iPhone purchase and will be buying for wifey to replace an old Treo…my phone is a Nexus One)
  • Apple MacBook Pro 13"*, other MacBooks – Yes
  • MacBook Air – No
  • Mac Mini* – Yes
  • Apple TV – No
  • iMac – No, better off with a mini or an iPad
  • iPad – Not yet, waiting for the next version w/ Retina display and front facing camera, printing support, and general tweaks, and generally an actual need for one given that I own a MacBook Pro already…
  • iPod – Nano, Yes; Shuffle/Classic */Touch, No;
  • Peripherals – Keyboard*, maybe; Magic mouse, no; Cinema display*, maybe; Airport Express*/Time Capsule, No; Airport Extreme*, maybe
  • Software – iLife*, Yes; iWork*, if you have to; Aperture, No; MobileMe*, No

*products I own

I think a pretty good Mac setup would be a Mac Mini for "home" stuff/home server type of deal.  A MacBook Pro for work, iPads as the "secondary" computer.  iPods for on the go, exercising, and for the car.

From a PC side, probably harder to cobble up a similar setup.

Belorussian Translation provided by PC.

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