2008 time capsule

General Happenings

  • Year in song
  • Year in Pictures NY Times, Big Picture Blog
  • Beijing Olympics
  • Obama elected President of the United States of America
  • Bailouts for financial and auto industries.
  • Recession, Dow at 8500.


  • Mozilla Messaging forms.  Firefox 3 ships.  Chrome launches.
  • LCD tvs get cheap, SSD to mass production, Netbooks.
  • G1 Phone launched.  New aluminum MacBooks.  Facebook Connect launches.
  • Move towards green tech and energy.


  • Phelps and 8 Gold Medals
  • NY Giants win Super Bowl
  • Celtics beat Lakers, NBA Finals
  • ? win World Series


  • TD, George Carlin, Bernie Mac, Eartha Kitt, Randy Pausch, Paul Newman, Tim Russert


  • Kitchen remodel: BlueStar range, PaperStone, cork floors.
  • SF marathon
  • Travel: Kirkwood/NorthStar (good snow)/Whistler/Kailua
  • Instant Soccer Dad for GF III
  • Back at Mozilla.  Work for Mozilla Messaging
  • Three car accidents – X3, IS, Odyssey
  • Ad Hoc, Michael Mina, Rivoli, Rikyu, Brick Pig's House
  • Too many purchases.

An overall strange year.

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