Naperville vs. Oakland

My best friend lives in Naperville, IL, which happens to consistently be one of the "Best Places to Live" according to Money magazine.

So here's Naperville.  Here's Oakland.  And a comparison tool for Oakland against San Francisco and the top 100 places to live.

In summary, we have better weather in Oakland but we're illiterate, bad at math, and we're stressed because we don't vacation enough.  However, we do have a Racial Diversity Index of 651.5 which might be the highest in the Country.  100 is National Average, San Francisco is at 267, closer to 0 is a more homogenous population.  Interesting data.

To improve Oakland, we need to understand what the metrics are so that we can actually improve them.

I'm reading Implementation and hope to finish it in the next couple of weeks.

2 Replies to “Naperville vs. Oakland”

  1. Haha, my boyfriend grew up in Oakland and I grew up in Naperville, and we always joke about how opposite our hometowns are, so this was interesting to compare them =)

  2. The only reason the "best places to live" have such low crime rates is because most of the year it's either too damned hot or too friggin' cold to go outside to commit any crimes. And if you were stupid enough to go outside, there'd be no one there to victimize, cuz everyone else would be inside. 78 degrees however is puuuurfect crime weather ;-)

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