La Virgen de Guadalupe

A day in Mexico City was interesting. Got to stay in a cool hotel, the Emporio Reforma Hotel, very chic and modern with lovely soap and shampoo (that I of course brought home). Didn't get mugged, didn't get kidnapped. Mexico City is a tad busy, dirty, smoggy, muggy, and it kinda made me sad. Reminded me of Manila.

Anyhow, made my pilgrimage over to La Basilica de Guadalupe which is basically falling down. The new Basilica next to it has a funky looking architecture on the outside but it's nice on the inside. Ended up going to Mass there, that was cool.

Now La Virgen de Guadalupe is an interesting story that we do get taught in Catholic school. It became a little more concrete when seeing the cloak of Juan Diego in the Church, as in, oh this story is real. It's hard not to be skeptical but you have to not be if you plan on being religious. If you're not familiar with the story of La Virgen de Guadalupe, you have to read about it. It's required reading for wanting to know anything about Mexico and Latin America.

It was cool seeing a miracle first hand (even though I'm about 500 years too late). Not often miracles happen.

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