The Paradox of Choice

I pulled down previous posts on this book (for no good reason), The Paradox of Choice. If you're in software, marketing, general business, or just having issues, I recommend this book.

Top Takeaways

  • For people in business, basically saying that there's a pretty big opportunity in just making life simple and easy for people and to not give people *so* many choices. Life is already hard as it is.
  • This book kinda tells you how to make choices or at least helps you understand what you're doing, profiles you in how you make choices, and provides really good insight with real examples. Almost every page, I'm like yup I can relate.
  • Basically reinforces that life is tough.

One last thing.  Taste is so hard to figure out.  Yelp and Amazon reviews are starting to not be so helpful anymore.  From a quick search perspective, reviews are still good.  Getting any more details on a product, service, restaurant, etc, better off getting a recommendation from a friend or hopefully finding others who consistently have the same taste as yours (which are usually friends).

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