I've been going down memory lane, food-wise anyway, and stumbled on another food I ate when I was a kid. I don't remember how often I drank Yakult, it seemed like it was often.

I picked up a 5 pack of Yakult and sure does taste the same as I remember. I think the last time I drank Yakult was 20 years ago?

Yakult is supposed to be some probiotic and there's like beneficial bacteria in it. Kombucha is the same thing in terms of another beneficial bacteria.

Anyway, there isn't any proof around the health benefits of Yakult, it's just supposed to replenish all the good bacteria you may have in your digestive system. People have been drinking it for a while and nobody has died. Haven't heard people hitting 60 home runs in a year by drinking it though either.

Would love to know more, especially if you drink/drank Yakult as a kid in the Philippines? Why, other than it tastes pretty good? Is Yakult's marketing team just that good?

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  1. I used to as a kid all the time. Now, they're like half-a-gulp for me, and so I don't partake. I still drink Calpico (known in Japan as Calpis) which is a dairy-derived drink that's also popular for kids.

  2. I used to drink Yakult all the time as a kid growing up in Taiwan. Would you know any place that sells it in the Sacramento, CA area?

  3. I get mine from Berkeley Bowl. In Sacramento or anywhere maybe Whole Foods or Ranch 99? There has to be a few Asian stores in Sacramento, almost guaranteed to have Yakult there.

  4. I buy Yakult at Foof-For-Less on North Lake in Pasadena, California. it's a wonderful product!

  5. dude, I don't know why it taste so good and still the same after 20 years, as I've been drinking Yakult since I don't know. lol! then stopped drinking it when I was 10years, 10 years after, I started drinking again, and its still have the same taste! Magic! while other foods (like McDo, coke, etc…) has changed the flavor of their drinks/foods. anyways, maybe the answer to your question can be find here…


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