if Sister Madonna can do it…

Sister Madonna is quite the triathlon legend. At 76, she just finished an Ironman, the Ironman World Championship in Kona. She was the last finisher, finishing just a few minutes behind a good friend of mine.

I can't necessarily mess with my friend because I only beat Sister Madonna by 10 minutes or so during my second Ironman (that's right, I beat a 75 year old nun by 10 minutes in an Ironman *race* and I'm damn proud of it too). After I finished that year, I sat next to her and watched the fireworks that happens a little after midnight at Ironman Canada. It was actually pretty special.

Anyway, Sister Madonna was at Ironman Canada too this year and I said hi and everything. She didn't remember me from last year. She had technical issues on her bike and didn't finish, but she's done enough of them. At 76, she's the oldest woman finisher of an Ironman ever.

She's pretty cool and it's a total blessing to see her out on the course. If Sister Madonna can do it, she's 76 years old, yeah your butt can run a mile or seven or run for an hour or longer or swim continuously for 10-15 minutes.

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