Maui "blogging"?

Blogging while "on" vacation (versus blogging about it when you get back) is pretty lame and fairly sad. But I'm not on vacation since I'm really checking out the Maui tech industry and possible office space…right.

Anyway, I've got some photos up and will post up more as I go along. Above is a black "sand" beach, it's over at Waianapanapa State Park. It's more like a black lava rock beach with lots and lots of stones, s|m|large and it's not the most comfortable to walk in, but laying out on the beach isn't bad. Apparently there aren't too many black sand beaches. This is the first one I've been to and it's pretty cool.

Oh, so yeah, I've got wicked wireless high speed internet access in Maui. It's pretty cool considering I don't get cell phone coverage here in Hana.

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