bamboo forest, Waimoa Falls

We did some hiking yesterday and took some more cool photos of waterfalls, bamboo forests, pools, etc. This photo here reminded me of the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland except there wasn't a ride at the end, there weren't any snakes, and no theme music.

The sounds of the bamboo clicking and clacking as the wind hit 'em was very neat. It was also cool to see the laws of survival as all the bamboo trees are competing for light and have to grow really tall to get to that light. There's practically zero small trees growing in the bamboo forest.

Anyway, we go through this bamboo forest on our way to Waimoa falls. It's a 2 mile hike up to it and it's pretty long. We have to cross through a couple of small streams and there's lots of guava trees on the way up too.

Apparently guava trees grow like weeds. It's cool to pick the guava fruit though, I had a bunch on the way up. I looked up the nutritional value for guava and one cup of guava (probably 2 or 3 of the fruits) is like 624% of your daily allowance for vitamin C. I was somewhat getting sick which happens after Ironman. I had been taking airborne but it all really kind of went away after I went all gluttony-like on those guavas.

I have one more cool post and then one a little more recommendation/tip related on the overall trip to Maui. I'm very disappointed with the Web as far as it helping us out on planning this trip (where to go, places to visit/stay, etc). There were some highlights where the Web was extremely useful but more or less it could've been better especially since it's 2006 and not 1996.

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