desperate house-husband

Man.  This staying at home stuff is some hard work.  Stay at-home Moms should get a medal.  Can I get a medal?
Some observations and things I'm doing:

  • I'm somewhat watching over the construction guys who are rebuilding our porch (woohoo!)
  • I've thoroughly cleaned the bathroom, cleaning the bathroom is usually something I don't do.
  • Making dinner and thinking about stuff to make is harder now than when I had less time, because now there's more time to think about it.  It's counter-intuitive but true.
  • I'm doing a bunch of laundry and constantly washing dishes or loading/unloading the dishwasher.
  • When I go out I'm surprised to see a lot of people out and about — a lot of older people and I'm not sure about the rest, retired young people, off day?  Why isn't everyone working.

I still have steam clean the carpets, work on the landscaping outside and getting a landscaper, paint the master bedroom, get some artwork hung up, and lots of other stuff.

Rather than soap operas though I'm surfing the Web and checking out what's happening in Mozilla-land here and there.  I'd like to devote the two hours I used to use to commute to work for stuff.  What's interesting about not commuting to Mountain View is that my car stays a lot cleaner longer.

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