desperate house-husband

Man.  This staying at home stuff is some hard work.  Stay at-home Moms should get a medal.  Can I get a medal?
Some observations and things I'm doing:

  • I'm somewhat watching over the construction guys who are rebuilding our porch (woohoo!)
  • I've thoroughly cleaned the bathroom, cleaning the bathroom is usually something I don't do.
  • Making dinner and thinking about stuff to make is harder now than when I had less time, because now there's more time to think about it.  It's counter-intuitive but true.
  • I'm doing a bunch of laundry and constantly washing dishes or loading/unloading the dishwasher.
  • When I go out I'm surprised to see a lot of people out and about — a lot of older people and I'm not sure about the rest, retired young people, off day?  Why isn't everyone working.

I still have steam clean the carpets, work on the landscaping outside and getting a landscaper, paint the master bedroom, get some artwork hung up, and lots of other stuff.

Rather than soap operas though I'm surfing the Web and checking out what's happening in Mozilla-land here and there.  I'd like to devote the two hours I used to use to commute to work for stuff.  What's interesting about not commuting to Mountain View is that my car stays a lot cleaner longer.

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  1. You made me laugh at the workers your watching.You never said anything about your wife,Is she working?How did it come about you staying home and do you have kids to clean up after?
    I have 2 humans 2cats 2dogs.I dont have a dishwasher though but i did put out 10 forks knives spons so i wouldnt have to wash so many.And by doing that when my husband goes to get something to eat and finds no utenciles he'll have to wash one.
    I am a stay at home mom he drives a truck and i work online to give me something to do and pay for my interent.I like to call it free dsl or free phone bill lol.

  2. My wife works :) No kids woohoo! Just looking after me and our dirty 'ol cat Venus. I don't know how y'all do it.

    This working at home stuff is hard especially since you have to work 'cuz you have no excuse not to do all these things – like cleaning etc other chores.

  3. Yay! :) I applaud you and I think your blog is great. I call myself the original 'Happy Slob' and have even written a house cleaning book with my methods. lol

    Anyway, here's to you!

  4. utenciles? We wash em by hand. PC stays home–but is also a student. In between he builds/restores furniture, cooks, cleans. YAY

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