gay marriage

A few thoughts on gay marriage:

  • I can't even imagine how gay marriages are going to turn the wedding industry upside down. How cool can gay weddings get? When you get a wedding invitation from a straight couple, isn't your first reaction, "oh shit, another wedding. When is it?" But when you get a wedding invitation from a gay couple, your response is probably "oh cool, that'll be fun." (depending on the couple of course)
  • I've been to one lesbian wedding already (last year?). It was a beautiful wedding and it was a lot of fun.
  • I'm invited to a gay wedding for a good friend of mine in August but unfortunately can't attend because of Ironman. I wish I could go though.
  • We all need to leave gay people alone. It's hard enough to find a life partner (and live in general), we shouldn't make it more difficult for people to share their life w/ someone they love.
  • I don't think folks who are against gay marriage know enough gay people. I'm not exactly sure how I know so many gay people, maybe living in the Bay Area and having gone to school in Boston. Maybe I just opened my eyes a bit.

So, we need to get off the subject of gay marriage, stop discriminating against gay people, and if gay people want to get married and be all miserable, let them be miserable.

For Christians who want to make this a religious/biblical issue, don't bring your religious issues to state affairs. I'm a Roman Catholic w/ 12 years of Catholic school and there is nothing in the Bible in opposition to gay marriage. If Jesus were alive today, he would slap you upside the head for being so stupid.

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