Raf's Beadwork Collection

Full collection (more photos)

Materials cost me about $2-3,000, and I would value all of this stuff to be about $10-$15,000, but priceless really. I have sold some stuff before and gave away other beadwork (bags, jewelry, beaded turtles).

Top to bottom:

  • beaded headband, via a loom
  • beaded choker, w/ Thunderbird drop, lazy stitch
  • matching beaded armbands, lazy stitch
  • beaded belt, that still fits, lazy stitch
  • beaded apron, lazy stitch, back is ribbon work stitched up by Mom (Mom was also in charge of sewing on all the fringe and backing, I did all the beadwork and design though)
  • beaded side tabs?, lazy stitch
  • in the middle is a 24" roach that I wear on my head, it's porcupine hair and deer hair
  • beaded knee drops, via a loom
  • angora goat leg coverings
  • fully beaded mocassins, lazy stitched, latigo soles

5 Replies to “Raf's Beadwork Collection”

  1. I have an album taken when you started your great Indian project. It started right after summer'89 before your 13th birthday.

    I am glad I took some of the shots without you knowing it because I know that someday you would like to show and tell what was etched in your heart.

  2. Hey dude……..I had to laugh !!! I did not know there were people LIKE ME !!! Listen to this, I am Filipino and I am so taken with the Native American culture like you. And yeah, I can pass for Native American also…….but they say I look Half Hawaiian and Half Navajo. I now play the Native American Flute. My quest is to paint fancy dancers but I know they don't like that kind of thing. They say it is white man's way…..well, hell, we are all Americans… we love their culture….can't they be more open about this? I'll see if I can spot the Native American fancy dancer that is a Filipino.

  3. beaded turtle bb-holder ~ truely a mother would know !

    I have my 4 children's BBs and have always wanted to make them holders (quillwork with beaded edges)…that would be 1 turtle and 3 lizards. Such a blessing. ~ but I have failed to put my hands to the work. now, through divorce, I have lost all my supplies.

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