95 mile bike ride and training status

I got my bike tuned up this Wednesday and it is nice. The gears were all degreased, the brakes aligned, the tires trued, and my computer fixed. So this Saturday it was a joy to ride.

Went off and did crazy 95 mile bike ride, here's the route (kinda) via Google Maps.

We started at the Sports Basement in the Presidio, over the Golden Gate Bridge, down into Sausalito, up Camino Alto into Fairfax. We went up White Hill? and then up some other hill into Nicasio Square. At that point it was 28 miles.

I went with Kamal to do a 30 mile loop which started with this one hill, up and over till we got to Marshall Wall. Now Marshall Wall is a bitch of a hill and there's even chalk marks of "Go Tyler" for Tyler Hamilton on the road. It's just long and steep but with very beautiful views at the top.

So down the other side of Marshall Wall, passed by Hog Island Oyster company, over to Point Reyes Station and then back to Nicasio and back to San Francisco. 95 miles is a long way to go and wasn't really up for it but I felt pretty good. I guess there was about 8,000 feet of climbing involved too, possibly more. Kamal says 10,000 but that doesn't really matter to me.

I have 2 1/2 hour run tomorrow and then recovery week in Cancun, Mexico! Haven't been able to train much during the week because of work but it sure is nice to be able to know I have a good enough base to take on a 95 mile bike ride on a whim.

healthy again

Well my foot feels like it's back. If you bike for four hours one day and run for 2 hours the next day, then one can assume your foot's healthy. I had stubbed my toe in the pool plus ran in some new shoes a little too long. That screwed me up for a bit and I haven't been running.

Anyhow, last Saturday's bike ride was pretty brutal. Up Claremont ave, a 40-45 minute climb, over to 3 Bears (1.5 hours), up Wildcat Canyon (25 minute climb), and up the nasty South Park Drive (20 minute climb). My 2 hour run on Sunday wasn't all that except that I almost wimped out in doing it at all. Ironman Canada is five months away (in August) so still plenty of time.

under 180lbs. finally

I guess it took a half Ironman on Saturday and eating smart this week to get me down under 180lbs. I was hovering around 185-188lbs the last several months and trying to break under 180lbs. I should get to 175lbs in a couple weeks, and *maybe* 165lbs by Ironman time in August.

Curiously, I was 185lbs at Ironman Canada last year, felt great but that was way too much weight and it showed.

My metabolism is going nuts. I love it.