Acai bowls

I've been making these Acai bowls for breakfast or lunch and they're delicious.  First had these at Lanikai Juice in Kailua and then had them again when I was in Los Angeles at a couple places.

Really simple to make, just need to buy or order the frozen Acai pulp, I get mine from Berkeley Bowl but can also get from  The fuzion is good but I like the original blend.

To make it, just two of the smoothie packets, some soy milk (or apple juice but I like soy milk) in the blender and blend away.  Put it in a bowl, add fruit like: blueberries, raspberries, bananas, strawberries, and then add some granola.  I've seen some with a little bit of yogurt too but maybe too much.  I like Cafe Fanny's granola but also Blue Bottle's granola.  It takes at most five minutes to put it all together, which is great too.

This bowl is maybe 300+ calories but if it's breakfast or lunch it's not bad.  I like eating it post workout too — just tastes good and looks pretty too.

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