energy check list

There are a couple of cool energy check lists to look at:

We had a $1200 energy bill last year, about 50/50 electric to gas.  Unfortunately this was an increase of 20% over last year, we increased our usage by 20% :-(  However, the average energy bill for a household in the US is $1900 – $2000 a year.

Our usage was about 4500 kwh and 415 therms in 2008 and going to use this as baseline going forward.

For PG&E customers, all this information is available online.

The goal is to decrease usage and costs by 20 – 25% next year and 50% in 5 years.


Infrastructure things we had already done:

  • Energy star appliances (heater/air conditioner, dishwasher, refrigerator, washer/dryer) though our dryer is now electric versus gas
  • CFLs with most of our lighting except three way lamps, led under cabinet lighting, and "candle" type lights in the living room
  • Insulated floors
  • Double pane windows

Things to do:

  • Insulate attic and install attic fan
  • Research insulation for exterior walls
  • home energy audit
  • Continue evaluating use of solar panels and tankless water heating

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