Oakland developments

Five Oakland Construction Projects that are really interesting.  I check out the progress during my long runs.  More info on other Oakland developments here.

1.  1100 Broadway – The green building plans for this building are great: solar panels, efficient lighting, efficient HVAC, rain water recapture and reuse.  It would be cool to actually own this building.  This one hasn't gotten started yet so not sure when it's going to go up.

2.  The Cathedral of Christ the Light – the new Catholic Cathredral in Oakland.  I wouldn't mind being buried here, there's a mausoleum down there.  Should be completed by Fall 2008.  It's an interesting/modern design for a Catholic Cathedral…and boy does the Catholic Church have money, this one is expensive.

3.  Fox Theatre renovation – "Uptown" Oakland is going to be crazy with Fox Theatre, UpTown apartments, all those new condos e.g. Broadway/Grand, and it's a stones through from Oaksterdam :-)   This one has another 100 days until completion if they're on schedule.

4.  Jack London Square Market – This one is supposed to be a Pike's Market maybe Faneuil Hall knock-off.  The bones are up, probably another two years before it's completed.

5.  The Ellington –  New condos in Jack London Square right across the way from Everett & Jones barbecue.  This one is just another massive condo complex that's in the luxury range.  The supporting neighborhood might not appeal to the clientele yet so that business area needs to pick it up.  Downtown Oakland needs more companies to locate there too.  We need more tech companies in Oakland.

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