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We're going with these guys – Oceanside Glasstile for kitchen backsplash, specifically a "Creme Brulee" iridescent mosaic.  100% recycled glass, yada-yada, hecho en mexico.  Part of our mini kitchen remodel.  We also went with Dawn for our faucet and sink, I guess these guys are out of China.

We should have the kitchen done by end of March.  The time issue with kitchen remodeling isn't in the actual construction, it's choosing stuff, ordering it, and waiting for everything to come in.  Realistically, it's like 2 – 3 months just for planning and getting supplies.  It's going to take all of two weeks max to put everything in (wouldn't be surprised if it only took one week).

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    Eco Surfaces Mfg., LLC
    714-954-0161 office
    714-954-0163 fax


    Santa Ana, CA—February 1, 2008—In an effort to support the California Department of Conservation, Eco Surfaces™ has announced the manufacture of Urbanslabs™ sustainable cement-based slabs now available for a variety of residential, commercial and hospitality surface applications. Crafted by hand, Urbanslabs™ consist of 60% recycled, post-consumer glass containers such as beer, wine and liquor bottles that are commonly sent to landfill. This patent pending process contains no resinous binders.

    “Eco Surfaces is taking a truly innovative look at the use of waste as a resource,” said architect Jorden Segraves, chair of the United States Green Building Council’s Pacific Regional and Orange County chapters. “Urbanslabs™ represent a completely new use for discarded glass. The company is effectively replacing a farmed resource with a reclaimed or “found” resource that fills a unique niche in the industry and product market.”

    Urbanslabs™ are manufactured using a proprietary cement matrix. Light weight 3/4” (2 cm) and 1¼” (3cm) Urbanslabs™ are made possible by an advanced mix design and unique manufacturing process.

    Urbanslabs™ can be cut, bull-nosed, seamed and polished just like the fabrication of natural stone slabs such as granite. Urbanslabs™ can be utilized for a wide array of surface uses including countertops, bathroom vanities, shower panels, floor tiles, backsplash tiles, bathroom stall dividers, wall clad panels, outdoor living surfaces and for furniture tops.

    Available in six colors, Urbanslabs™ coordinate with a variety of décor themes. Eco Surfaces’ unique surface-polishing process exposes the glass and provides excellent scratch resistance, while offering a refreshing new look to the industry. Concrete sealer is applied to the Urbanslabs™ at time of manufacture and again at installation to provide outstanding protection from stains.

    Urbanslabs™ offer an economical investment compared to poured-in-place and pre-cast concrete countertops, which costs hundreds of dollars per square foot installed.

    Urbanslabs™ are available in the following dimensions, 8’ X 3’ X ¾” (2cm) and 10’ X 5’ 6” X 1¼” (3cm). Custom sizes, colors and finishes can be created upon request.

    To locate a distributor or for technical questions, please call 714-954-0161.


  2. BUYER BEWARE – Oceanside does not accept returns or exchanges

    Oceanside Tile is beautiful but make sure that you look at the tile in the daylight on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Do not look at this tile under halogen lighting in the showrooms. Many of the colors will turn "dark" when not exposed to direct light. This is difficult to do if the product is intended for a pool or spa tile.

    Oceanside doesn't say that they will not make adjustments on their website or in their literature. Make sure of the color or buy glass tile from someone else. We now own $7,200 worth of glass tile that we need to re-blend by hand before we can use it. Also, Oceanside glass tile is paper faced which means you can't see what you've installed until it's too late.

    BUYER BEWARE on this one. It's nice product but they aren't very forthcoming about their return policy.

  3. Does anyone know oceanside tile's price range per square foot? I love the iridescent 1×1, 2×2, and Random Modular for my kitchen. I am thinking of doing the counter tops in 1×1 and the back splash in the same color, but in a patterned/shaped tile. Any thoughts?

    And thanks Richard; I will beware of their return policy, that is helpful information.

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