the California Active Lifestyle Diet

Apparently, the California Active Lifestyle Diet doesn't exist.  So let's make it up.

The diet is going to consist of the following:

  • Setting up the environment
  • Exercise – a lot of it, 6 days a week at least one hour, and pretty much all weekend
  • Local food and just enough
  • Motivation
  • Tools

Setting up the environment is about hanging out with the right people, keeping the kitchen free from junk and temptation, setting up the home so that it's conducive to exercise, and getting all the right equipment for working out.

Exercise.  If in California and in the Bay Area especially, we've got a gorgeous playground.

Just enough food and local and fresh is best.  Will start out with basics and expand.

Motivation – health, family, long life.  But seeing normal people lose crazy weight helps too.

Tools – a journal, a scale, a water bottle, exercise mat, etc.


  • The goal: 100lbs. in one year.  2 lbs a week.
  • My goal is to drop 15-20lbs by July.

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