Icestone, Paperstone, scissors…

We're doing a light kitchen remodel hopefully start end of January and end in February, early March:

  • range, cork floors, new sink/faucet, new counter tops, range hood, backsplash

We're going to go with Paperstone for the counter tops, a 100% recycled paper product. Cheap, looks good, and seems like a responsible company/product. Vetrazzo and Icestone do recycle glass counter tops that look great too. May yet go with one of those companies but might be too expensive.

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  1. You should check out my latest product to hit the market. We are launching it at the end of Jan. and it is called EcoTop. Go to my web site or shoot me a e-mail and I can send you a more recent pdf on the material. I sold off the PaperStone product line this past month now that I've finished development on EcoTop and it is a great new product. Good luck on your project!

  2. Did you ever get the Paperstone countertops installed? If so, how do they look? Are you pleased with them?

    – Steve

  3. We went with the obsidian black paperstone and we like them a lot. I'm more cognizant about keeping the counter tops clean. The obsidian black is a matte black and it reminds me a bit of being in science class. The countertop is easy to maintain. We kept the sink cutout and use it as a cutting board. Overall a nice product and we're thinking about building a table out paperstone to put in our breakfast nook to match.

    Having to do it all over again, I'd go with paperstone again. We have a small tile glass backsplash so we kept the counter top simple.

  4. Thanks for the quick response. Do you have detailed photos? And are you in the Bay Area, by any chance? I'd really like to see a Paperstone counter installed. Any leftover pieces you'd care to send me (for a price, of course!)?

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