some RFE's for Evite

It's party season and some Web 2.0 start-up needs to put Evite out of their misery (maybe it's, j/k)

I'd like Evite to do two simple things:

1)  Create a click to add to Google Calendar (and Yahoo! Calendar needs to step it up w/ an AJAX version, maybe this is the Zimbra team)

2)  Just make it simple to copy and paste the event information so I can stick it in a blog post or an email or in a calendar.  The mark-up and tables are really messy.

It seems like Evite is in maintenance mode.  And if they stay in maintenance mode too long, they're going to turn into MapQuest.

3 Replies to “some RFE's for Evite”

  1. I hate evite as well.

    The owners of evite are laughing all the way to the bank because no one else has been able to amass any significant momentum behind anything else. They aren't innovating because they don't have to.

    There are alternatives. Let's use them!

  2. Those aren't good alternatives. Need to lobby Jim Lanzone at Ask/IAC to do something. Should give that site a chance to shape up.

    A big problem is branding.

  3. There is a new alternative as well; we just launched a couple of weeks ago. Check out our site at and our demo video at:

    You can customize your invites with video, music, slideshows, widgets etc. After the event, the invitation page turns into The Aftermath where you can share photos, videos and comments as well as easily connect with the people from the party.

    Check it out and let me know what you think.

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