Oakland as a model city per Ron Dellums

This reporter and I were at this same meeting, a North Oakland Community meeting where this time Ron Dellums, our mayor spoke. I have some different takeaways from what she wrote, though top of mind for everybody at this meeting was how to control the violence in North Oakland. You'd think the easy answer is get more cops on the street but it's not that easy. If it was easy, it'd be already done.

So violence was the main issue, the expansion of Children's Hospital/zoning in general was the other top issue. I should be more concerned since several murders and shooting have happened within a one/two block radius of my house, but I know the neighborhood is getting better. I see it everyday.

What I did like hearing was what Ron Dellums had to say with Oakland as a model city. I think he's right about the opportunity. There's a lot of Oakland pride and there's a lot to like about Oakland, people just see the violence in Oakland but don't see the there there. People outside of Oakland don't get it and that's fine with me.

What I believe we're going to get from Ron, is a lot of resources (money) poured into the City of Oakland from Foundations, the State, and Federal governments. As a former Congressman with quite some power, we're going to get that funding and it's going to be pretty cool.

Anyway, the next 4 and hopefully 8 years of Ron Dellums term as Mayor of Oakland will be great to participate in. Only problem is Ron isn't tech savvy; but his people seem to be so that's fine.

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  1. That sounds nice, but…since Dellums has been Mayor, we have not seen ANY increase whatsoever in either philanthropic activity or state and federal funding. In fact, the only big round of grants we've received so far during his tenure, from state housing bonds, we got LESS money than we did last year, even though there was more money to go around after 1C passed last November. So I've seen little evidence that the promised "resources" will pan out.

  2. How long has he been in office? Give him a little bit of time, he'll get the money. This is Ron Dellums. He's got a building named after him in downtown Oakland. As far as violence is concerned, we need to take of business too and be smart about it as citizens.

  3. How much time should he get? It's been nine months since his inauguration and 16 months since he was elected, and we have yet to see even a single policy initiative from his office. His budget, a real chance to make his priorities clear, just reiterated the status quo. So far there's been plenty of talk, but nothing has happened. Nothing has even been proposed.

    The closest he came was an announcement in August that he would be releasing his "complete public safety agenda" on August 17th. But he never released any agenda, the promise posted on his website that he would do so was erased, and the entire affair seems to have been forgotten by pretty much everyone.

  4. Personally? Well, I spend a large portion of my spare time writing about City government, trying to make people aware of the issues at hand and get facts out there for the public that are too often buried deep in city reports that few people ever read. I also attend Council and Committee meetings to speak on issues that are important to me.

    I would love to see more citizens get involved and engaged with Oakland's government in such a manner, and to try to become more informed as to what's happening in City Hall.

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