Bakesale Betty

I'm surprised I haven't written anything about Bakesale Betty yet so here's the scoop/review (and here's hoping she web searches for "Bakesale Betty" and my post comes up and I get like a free sandwich or something…). Here's the Yelp review too since I stole their fried chicken photo…

Bakesale Betty is just a couple blocks away from me, so it's very dangerous. It's over in Temescal and it took over a location that used to be Merritt Bakery and before that a cell phone/pager store. Temescal is a "transitional" neighborhood and it's transitioning to be quite the new/hot/Bay Area bohemian spot due to Bakesale Betty, Pizziaolo, Tagine, Dona Tomas, Genova, Lane Splitters, Dollar Cleaners!, and several happening Korea places, etc.

Bakesale Betty has this now super famous chicken sandwich. It's a fried chicken sandwich, with jalapeno coleslaw on Acme bread and it costs $7.25 or $7.50 I can't remember. Everyone in Oakland knows about it and people are coming in from San Francisco checking it out.

Bakesale Betty also has great oatmeal cookies, scones, and everything is good.

You may get lagniappe (an extra cookie or a lemon bar or something) if you're served by the right person (or maybe Bakesale Betty and her girls think I'm cute…that could be it).

When we first saw Bakesale Betty, we totally thought she was going to go out of business really quickly because all she sold were lemon bars and these sticky date puddings. They were good but who banks their business on lemon bars and sticky date puddings. Now Bakesale Betty really helped make Temescal cool– you should see how their business is set up and the lines outside their door.

Bakesale Betty has a jingle. All companies should have a jingle. I want a jingle.

Bakesale Betty incubated her company through the farmer's market circuit. Quite smart! And Farmer's Markets really are becoming a place where new businesses do incubate.

Bakesale Betty has befriended the Fire Department 4 or 5 houses down the street. The Firemen come into Bakesale Betty's often so everyone knows not to f*ck with Bakesale Betty. One of their best moves.

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