Fancy Dance – Michael Roberts

This is Michael Roberts. I've met him twice, once in Connecticut at this low key pow wow at Foxwoods and then again at the Stanford Pow wow last May. He's one of my favorite dancers. Mike's footwork is phenomenal and his outfit is one of the best– the beadwork, the featherwork are really beautiful. He's getting two songs here, a Northern song and a Southern contest dance song. Talk about that later.

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  1. He's a great dancer I've seen him at a couple of pow wows that I went to but never met him. I wish i could have all the energy to be fast as him and smooth moves too. If I was to become a dancer Id be a Fancy Shawl dancer and try to be like him. Oh yeah and he's HOT!!

  2. Just had him as a guest at our gathering and the show he and the Inoli dancers gave was wonderful was able to speak with he and his family and dancers and they are all such lovely people! All the women were GAGA for him and his dancers!! (:

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