Lexus IS 250 Matador Red reloaded

Let's just say I get to ride in this thing once in a while and maybe get to drive it to Mountain View especially since it gets 24/32 MPG. It's got Navigation, the Luxury Package (whatever that means), but I have to say my favorite feature is the keyless entry. You just walk up to the car, open the door handle, and go right in. Press the button, and the engine starts. No messing around with a key.

The handling isn't as good as a BMW, it's a little soft on turns. The sports shift is cool and the paddle shifters aren't bad either. It's going to take a little getting used to, I'm old school and love manual cars. But, this thing is fast, fast, and smooth. On the practical side, this car will be around for like 20 years and it's pretty darn safe.

Tough life right? Never expected I'd take part ownership in a red sports car/rice rocket. I'm still more the dark blue Jeep wrangler, khaki soft top, off-road type, while wearing Keen sandals, khaki shorts, and some blue or black generic polo shirt. I have no idea what to wear in this car. I need to bust out the Armani suits I guess.

A few more things:

  • Ask for Eric Stern at Coliseum Lexus of Oakland.  Unbelievable salesperson.  Who makes endorsements about car sales people right?  Definitely would get another car from him (which won't happen for another 20 years) and my highest recommendation for Eric Stern.
  • This car and the now beater BMW X3 are the cars I'd want even if I was stupid rich (which I'm not even close).  Kinda cool.
  • After a couple hundred miles on this thing, this car is bad ass!

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