Tokyo Fish Market

I've been looking for a good fish shop in the Bay Area and usually get fish from Hudson Fish company which is a small family owned business. It's a Black owned business too which I like. The issue I have with Hudson Fish is that they're only around at the Berkeley's Farmer's markets on Tuesday and Thursday and their selection isn't huge. They're based out of Half Moon Bay.

I've found a fish market I like finally, Tokyo Fish Market. They have Hawaiian and Japanese foods too like shisho leaves, Yakult, Calpis soda, Portuguese sausage, and sashimi grade fish including ankimo (fish liver) and sea urchin. The fish I usually like buying is Loch Duarte salmon and they have it fairly cheap here.

Tokyo Fish Market is on San Pablo Avenue in Albany, near REI and off the Gilman Street exit. The trip for me seems worth it if I can't find what I want from Hudson Fish.

Yelp has a good set of reviews on it.

SFGate article on Tokyo Fish market

I found Tokyo Fish Market via my long runs. I've been running a 12 1/2 mile loop of late during the week and I run down San Pablo Avenue which goes through Oakland, Emeryville, Berkeley, and Albany. It's amazing what you see in 12 1/2 miles including the Berkeley Hills, the UC Berkeley Campus, the hood, folks smoking pot/dealing drugs, children playing, people running and walking their dogs, missing bus stops and finding fresh fish.

Note to Gen: I tried the Strawberry Calpico drink. Pretty darn good. The peach and mango I'll try next.

Another note: The best time to buy fish is Friday and Monday. That's when everybody gets their fish, Friday deliveries for the weekend, and Monday deliveries for the week.

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