ownership of a web page

*draft* before I forget

Once a user downloads a web page, that web page is technically theirs to do whatever they want, print it, mark it up, annotate it, etc. Doesn't mean the content on that web page is theirs nor is the code, yes from a technical (I have it in my possession) standpoint but no from a copyright standpoint. Once a page is downloaded or even as it's loading, that user technically "owns" that page. This isn't any different from downloading anything off the web, an .mp3 file, a .xls file, a word document, a pdf file. Once a document is in my hands, on my computer, it's mine.

I'm curious to see if other folks agree or disagree or if I'm once again just stating the obvious. I'm not necessarily sure that what I've mentioned is clear or even necessary for folks to understand.

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