2008 Mercedes C Class

Not sure if I like the 2008 Mercedes C Class, it may grow on me, I don't know. They still have a stupid foot brake for their manuals. The design seems kinda mish-mashed, BMW 3 + Acura TL + their CL. The interior is kinda whacky too, copied some things from BMW's interior and kept some of their old weird dial interior. I don't know what's going on with Mercedes. It's still a Mercedes though — safe, fast, good engineering (w/ suspect reliability).

Photos and more photos

the 2007 C Class for comparison

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  1. OMG yuck! wow – they are getting further and further away from classy! Why the squared look now? and those trademark round headlights? gone? The round headlights were nice imo. The 08 looks just like the previous commenter suggested. I had a 2000 E320 and ever since the crappy changes from then on, I'll take a Civic any day.

  2. I'm with jake pompey. Ick! You just can't beat those double-round connected headlights and that sleek, classic body design.

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