the fancy loaner – 2007 BMW 328i

Cute right? More photos here.

One of the cool things about driving a fancy car, when you have to take it in for maintenance, they give you another fancy nice car to drive. [Life is just too hard. Whoa is me. :)] The dealership hooked me up with a 2007 BMW 328i with 1000 miles on it to play around with for the day. They call it Sparkles because the exterior color is a Sparkling Graphite Metallic.

It's pretty freaking fun to drive. It handles unbelievably well, the acceleration is crazy, and everything works just really nicely. The car isn't equipped with amenities like power seats or iDrive. And it is an automatic, manual would have been preferred. I do see why people love this car, the drive is pretty awesome.

So I drove this thing on a windy freeway and up and down the Oakland/Berkeley hills. Pretty bad ass. I'd get the 335i Coupe if I had a choice and could justify spending over $45k for a car (you can't do it, unless maybe it's for the Tesla sports car). The 335 coupe and this 328i is very much "a boy's car" (based on the drive and the exterior styling). For the most part, the BMW series of cars (3, 5, 7, and M series) are manly except for the convertibles.

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