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Not surprisingly, I came back from Hawaii about 5lbs heavier even though I was eating oatmeal basically everyday still. (sadly that was for real)

Laying on the beach and eating spam musubi — they're kind of addictive, contributed to the problem.

It's funny how one week you're eating at the French Laundry, eating caviar and foie gras and baby lamb — going to hell but it was still good, and the next week you're getting down and dirty with spam, rice, and seaweed. $250 meal vs. $2 worth of good, yummy, tasty spam. No contest.

We ate for $35 a day per person in Maui too, so Rachael Ray can kiss my ass.

  • In other food news, we got Paw Paws in our CSA box the other day. It's the largest native fruit of North America and tastes like a cherimoya. Did not know that, that was a very cool new thing to learn.
  • I finished a pretentious food book called Near a Thousand Tables. You have to be dubious of a book that uses the word "masticate" versus "chew". You like that. Dubious. I recommend it though, it just took a while to read and could have made the history of food a little more interesting. It was a bit too academic.
  • Part of Near a Thousand Tables I learned about the Thrifty Food Plan issued by the USDA. On the low-end, a single adult male can eat on $4.84 a day, females $4.37. On the high end, $9.42/$8.50 a day. We're on the high end and want to get down to the more low and moderate cost plan. We'll see. Apparently lots of vegetables, potatoes, and other starches will do the trick. Or, I can buy three spam musubis and I can live off of that. I bet if I make 'em myself, I can sneak in a bowl of oatmeal too. :)

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